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If the National Marriage Project told you it was going to rain, would you bring an umbrella?

In other news, the Heritage Foundation reported the unemployment rate. Continue reading


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Distorting data on divorce at the National Marriage Project

This has really gone too far. The National Marriage Project, under the directorship of W. Bradford Wilcox, a tenured sociologist at the U. Virginia, is telling some tall tales, courtesy of a grant from the Templeton Foundation‘s “Foundations of Marital … Continue reading


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Quote that sociologist, 124 in the Times edition

How many sociology professors do you have to quote to prove they are instinctively dismissed? Continue reading


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Does happy marriage cause happy marriage?

I don’t know how I missed this one, from two Valentine’s Days ago… For an introductory methods course discussion on: when does something cause something else. Question: Are happier couples happier? Some writers think so: Washington Post: The Groupon effect: Can date-night … Continue reading


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Brad Wilcox tries to save saving marriage for the marriage movement

A guest post by Kristi Williams addresses marriage-promotion misinformation. Continue reading


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Breaking through the Wilcoxian ceiling of nonmarital births

In every age group, the percentage of births to unmarried women has continued to rise. Continue reading


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Please make it stop: Wilcox marriage baloney edition

Baloney, garnished with a one-year marriage rebound. Continue reading


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Right-wing family watch: New kid paydirt edition

Foundations fund institutes, which give news to media (while Brad Wilcox gets $35,000 and an “entertainment” line) Continue reading


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We can’t build our social system around marriage anymore

So little reflection on such a bad track record—it’s enough to make you think that increasing marriage isn’t the main goal of the movement. Continue reading


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Teaching family inequality: Some posts by subject

Some you might find helpful for your own teaching, organized according to the chapters of my forthcoming textbook. Continue reading

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