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Movie dimorphism udpate: How to Train Your Dragon 2 edition

Stoick the Vast has much bigger hands than Valka. Continue reading

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Disney’s dimorphism, ‘Help! My eyeball is bigger than my wrist!’ edition

The evidence is mounting that Disney likes small-handed-women-large-handed-men couples. Continue reading


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Tangled up in Disney’s dimorphism

How Disney’s dimorphic distortion makes a human couple fantastically patriarchal. Continue reading


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Delusions of dimorphism

Are 1-day-olds who stare at a mobile for 52 seconds more likely to be engineers when they grow up than those who only stare for 41 seconds? Continue reading


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Syllabus supplements for fall family sociology

Here’s a boost for your fall family sociology course: 3 posts each for 13 chapters. Continue reading

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Year-end report

The blog did not stay on pace of doubling traffic every year, with an increase in visits of 34%. This isn’t too bad, slower than the growth of Twitter (44%) but faster than Facebook’s (25%). I’m not an expert on web … Continue reading

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Can animated boys and girls be (almost) the same size?

A few examples of animated male-female couples without exaggerated body-size differences. Continue reading


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All hands dimorphic: Gnomeo and Juliet edition

He’s only a little taller and a little older. But look at those hands! Continue reading


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Teaching family inequality: Some posts by subject

Some you might find helpful for your own teaching, organized according to the chapters of my forthcoming textbook. Continue reading


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Homogamy: Start the presses

The waiting is over for “homogamy unmodified.” Continue reading


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