The world’s gender declaration

A major summit meeting with “400 government officials and academics from 65 countries” has concluded in Istanbul with the adoption of a declaration calling for “worldwide efforts to achieve gender equality and empower women.”

The declaration has a nice statement on gender inequality:

Gender inequality is deeply rooted in entrenched attitudes, societal institutions and market forces, therefore, political commitments at the highest international and national levels, and especially, actions at the local level are essential. Political commitments can allow the adequate establishment of policies that can target social changes and to allocate the necessary resources to achieve Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. Gender is social construct. It defines and differentiates the roles, rights, responsibilities and obligations of women and men. And those differences form the basis of social norms that defines behaviors for women and men and determine their social, economic and political power.

Powerful stuff. What is this summit, and whom does it represent? (And why do they only distribute tiny versions of the summit logo?)

It is a forum for the World Family Organization, a United Nations body with representatives comprising NGOs and official agencies from almost all countries. The United States is listed as a participant, but has no officers in the executive.

A Google news search on the title of the summit produces stories from Xinhua, the Turkish Press, Hurriyet and other Turkish sources, but – go figure – no U.S. news sources. I guess there is only so much room for the issues of the day on the American screen.

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