Asthma unequal

A new report from George Washington University public health researchers shows the prevalence of asthma, its concentration among poor children and African Americans, and the cost of failing to take the relatively inexpensive steps necessary to prevent it.

Children with asthma are almost twice as likely as all children to be below the poverty line, and less than half as likely to live at 4-times the poverty line or higher.

My chart from data in the report.

The report estimates that having asthma increases the medical costs for a child by 50%. And the more than 1 million asthma-afflicted children who don’t have health insurance are especially costly to care for – accounting for a large portion of emergency room visits.

5 thoughts on “Asthma unequal

  1. “The report estimates that having asthma increases the costs for caring for a child by 50%. ”

    Maybe it increases medical costs that much but I initially read that as referring to the total costs of raising a child, which would be ridiculous.


  2. Asthma is a chronic disease with symptoms that are triggered by a host of causes. Determining which causes trigger your asthma is the best way to keep your symptoms under control. Some common triggers include allergens, such as dust and pollen, cigarette smoke, cold viruses, changes in the weather, medications, exercise and some foods. Pay careful attention to all of these factors whenever your symptoms reappear, and try to pin down the likeliest causes. Once you figure this out, you can start taking precautions to avoid situations that expose you to those conditions.


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