Marriage gets in the way

What does marriage have to do with it?

The text on this rest-area condom-vending machine reads, in relevant part: “The best method of AIDS prevention is abstinence before marriage and a monogamous relationship during marriage.”

OK, if you want to make the point that abstinence is the best way to prevent sexually-transmitted disease, that’s one thing. However, people shopping for condoms may be considered beyond the abstinence message — so maybe monogamy is a reasonable thing to recommend. But marriage? This is surely beyond the point about STDs.

Has religion once again ruined a teachable moment for health science?

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One response to “Marriage gets in the way

  1. odorunara

    Yes. Monogamy to current partners, honesty, and frequent STD testing are much more effective than marriage. This is ridiculous and infuriating–and heteronormative, because same-sex marriage is not legal in most states.


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