Race, insurance, and diagnosis delay

It’s not just access to insurance that privileges White women in breast cancer treatment.

New research shows that, even with the same kind of insurance, White women’s breast cancer is diagnosed more efficiently than that of Black and Latina women.

The research involved almost 1,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer over 11 years in Washington, D.C. They recorded the number of days between the discovery of an anomaly and the diagnosis:

Source: My graph from data in the news release.

The cause of the delays was not revealed in the study, but potential culprits include behavior by patients, doctors, and hospital actors — the subject of new research the authors hope to inspire.

4 thoughts on “Race, insurance, and diagnosis delay

  1. Interesting… I wonder about the mechanisms for the race/ethnicity differences. Its also worth asking why blacks and Hispanics see more improvement with private insurance.


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