Tips of the parenting iceberg

Coupla quick tips from the parenting iceberg.

It’s hard to believe that parenting didn’t even exist before the 1970s. How far we have come. We don’t know exactly what, but something about rich parents increases their kids’ odds of making it (besides all that money?). Maybe it’s all the good advice they get.

If you have a few minutes to spare, here are a few parenting tips I’ve rounded up in the last week or so. There really is no end to this stuff, and no beginning either, so you may as well start somewhere.

[Extra tip for bloggers: don’t cynically drive traffic to your blog by using phrases like “best parenting tips,” “free parenting advice,” “happy kids,” “healthy kids,” “normal kids,” “parenting drives me crazy,” “top 10 parenting traps,” etc.]


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6 responses to “Tips of the parenting iceberg

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  2. Haha. My sister actually did put duct tape on my nephew’s diapers to keep him from finger painting with poo… lol


  3. Julie

    I particularly liked the links. I’ve been desperately looking for the 10 most violent video games. Thanks!


  4. Riposte

    Reading the list above I had to wonder if this was an Onion article?

    Any parent who tries to CONTROL their kid by hot saucing is an abuser.


  5. Sir,

    You suggest “an upside-down yogurt lid” to prevent those annoying sippy cup rings. I fear you didn’t read the post clearly enough. While a “yogurt lid” might prevent the transfer of goo to a shelf, it’s a little declasse. I mean, what would the other moms think?

    If you don’t want your children to be shunned, it should be the plastic lid of a high quality roasted red pepper hummus or a corn plastic lid from the bulk grain at the co-op. Otherwise, it’s total playgroup pariah-hood.

    I’m surprised you think parenting was invented in the 70s. It’s not like you can include the WHOLE decade. I mean, I wasn’t born until…

    Okay, so we’re a bunch of navel gazers. I apologize that we have the audacity interrupt the serious business of the Internet with our frivolity and minutiae.

    Let me apologize for the entire parent blogging union when I say “We’re remarkably sorry to have bound you Clockwork Orange style and forced you to view our sites until you knew how to remove ink from a baby doll and that it’s important to check your rear view mirror before backing up in a parking lot. We’ll gladly refund your money.”


  6. Hm. I thought I was sharing pretty good advice.


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