Little man meet little cupcake

This stuff is a-dime-a-dozen, but I still love it.

These are the Luvable Friends 6-Pack Flannel Receiving Blankets available from Amazon (and this is not a paid product placement). They come in two color sets. A blue theme for “little man”…

…and a pink theme for the “little cupcake.”

So what are we supposed to wrap the little women in?

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2 responses to “Little man meet little cupcake

  1. Ness Blackbird

    I appreciate you bringing attention to this. While some of the fundamentals of feminist thought have trickled into the mainstream, the specific concept of “Little Women” — of women and girls taking power — is lagging, I think.

    Of course, as the father of two extravagantly powerful young women, you are perfectly placed to notice this 🙂


  2. andrea

    but don’t let her eat cupcakes! and, god forbid, don’t EVER let her get fat.

    sometimes i wonder what kind of a world i’ve brought my daughter into.


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