Don’t sugar coat it

It’s that time of year again.

The time when a college professor’s thoughts turn to… what the students really think of him/her. I believe I’m getting better as a teacher. I believe that even though it doesn’t show up in my numbers. Because numbers aren’t everything.

There are empirical signs of improvement. The qualitative feedback for the last two semesters shows an improving ratio of positive comments about my sense of humor relative to negative comments about my obnoxious personality, rude demeanor, disregard for students and — especially — sarcasm. In the Worldle below, which is from the last two semesters of Sociology of Families, there is only one instance of sarcastic, and you have to look around a little for the negative words.

Of course, I did look around to find the negative words, and this is how I see it now:

I loved the course this year.

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