Mancession hecovery update

With the new employment numbers, showing signs of hope, it’s a good moment for a mancession-hecovery update.

The real trend’s rebound isn’t quite that balanced, but it’s leaning that way:

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Average for 2011 through November.

Clearly, men lost more jobs — more than twice as many from 2007 to 2010 (4.9 million versus 2 million). But looking just at the last 22 months you can see that men are bouncing back while women are stalled:

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (seasonally adjusted).

Note that I use these numbers of employed people instead of unemployment rates because it takes out the subjective element of who supposedly wants a job, which isn’t well measured. Also, these aren’t people who have full-time jobs or good jobs, just jobs.


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