Recession studies, academic job security edition

Google searches for recession peaked during the recession, in 2008. Academics take a little more time (usually). The academic recession hasn’t yet peaked, as of 2011 – in terms of sociology and demography articles with they keyword “recession” in the Web of Science:

There is still a lot to do. With that in mind, we had a very interesting discussion at the Work and Family Researchers Network conference in New York last week, about the recession and families.

Over the course of the conversation, I jotted down a list of outcomes people mentioned as areas of investigation, and started to think how complicated it is to see them interacting with one another.

Each of these is an area that has been studied in relation to poverty or unemployment. But the context of recession – when lots of bad economic things are happening together within families, social networks, neighborhoods, and so on – may alter their dynamics.

Here’s the list, with a few links:

These links are pretty arbitrary: what I know, read recently, or easily found. Please feel free to add other sources and suggestions in the comments.

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