Video segment on Regnerus and divorce studies

Over the summer Karen Sternheimer and I sat for an interview, and Norton Sociology has released a segment of the video, in which she asks about the Regnerus study on parents’ same-sex relationship history and child outcomes. I don’t have the references for my comments, but I think/hope they’re mostly true.

Click on the picture to go to the Youtube video:


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3 responses to “Video segment on Regnerus and divorce studies

  1. Wow, you never say “bullshit” once, how do you do that?!


  2. Scott Rose

    A trouble with many of these “pillars of society” communications about the Regnerus matter is that they are not getting across any of the documented news about it. In the past week, The New YorK Times published an article “Sociologist’s Paper Raises Questions on Role of Faith in Scholarship.” That article had the old news about Regnerus’s multiple prior statements that his faith does and should inform his professional work. Meanwhile, though, the Times would have done much better to explore Regnerus’s false claim that he operated, and is operating independently of his funders. He is scheduled to promote the study side-by-side with Witherspoon’s Ana Samuel (and Robert Oscar Lopez) in Princeton in November. That would not be an example of a researcher acting independently of his funders. That Regnerus is appearing with both Witherspoon’s Samuel and Lopez is of particular significance. Just as Regnerus appears to fit the documented NOM strategy in its “Expert Witness Project” plans, Lopez fits the documented NOM strategy of getting children of gay parents to denounce gay parents generally to the public. Lopez appeared under comment threads shortly after Regnerus was published, misrepresenting what the study says, in a context of relentless gay bashing and lies. During the summer, a Lopez essay appeared on Witherspoon’s “Public Discourse.” The essay states that Regnerus recruited Lopez from the internet, and that they then conducted correspondence about “LGBT issues.” The essay furthermore contains gross misrepresentations of what the Regnerus study says. All of Lopez’s misrepresentations of the study skew in an anti-gay-rights editorial direction. Not only did Regnerus not correct that anti-gay-rights skewed misrepresentation of his study, he now is appearing with its author and one of his funding agency representatives to promote the study. Not to put too fine a point on it; what a load of puke. This is the kind of thing that the Times should be reporting on, to expose this hoax and Regnerus’s and Witherspoon’s lies about and abuses of social science.


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