Twitter mission statement

In 140 characters, Family Inequality’s Twitter mission statement:

Provide a high quality stream of news, links and commentary for the readers Family Inequality serves, without wasting too much of their time

These are the guidelines:

  • Aim for about 4 tweets per day (some are automatic links to new blog posts).
  • Keep the raw retweets down to about 10% of the total. If you wanted to read someone else’s tweets, you’d follow them. Used in moderation, however, retweets are a good way to suggest new accounts to follow.
  • Keep to the topics covered on the blog: family sociology and news, inequality news and information, related politics, sociology discipline issues, and my personal opinions on those topics.
  • Avoid extended personal chit-chat on the public stream; mostly use direct replies.
  • Avoid tweeting a lot while intoxicated (especially if it seems like a great idea).
  • Be polite and respectful, although the medium requires bluntness.
  • Only direct personal criticism at public figures.

These guidelines are subject to change. Please feel free to make suggestions.

From the Twitter archive, these are the Twitter accounts I have mentioned most:


Note in some cases the text here doesn’t exactly match the handle; since Wordle breaks words at punctuation, I had to remove the internal punctuation (for example in @Amy_Harmon or @Omar_Lizardo).

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