Correction: Black and White marriage pools

Correcting an old figure.

For several years I have been using a figure that shows the disparity in marriage pools for Black versus White women. I’ve used it here and here, and who knows where else (certainly in class). As I was updating it with the latest data I realized I had two of the rows in my – wait for it – Excel spreadsheet reversed, so the ratio for White women was wrong. The old one showed unmarried White women with a surplus of available employed men, compared with a large deficit for Black women. The corrected figure merely shows Black women with a much larger deficit.

So here is it corrected (and I corrected it on the old pages as well).


Source: American Community Survey data from IPUMS. Note: Whites are single-race and exclude Latinos; Blacks are alone or in combination with other races.

Family Inequality regrets the error.


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4 responses to “Correction: Black and White marriage pools

  1. For full disclosure, should you add an Update Note to those old blog postings indicating that you modified the data at a later date?


  2. Jerry Park

    thanks for this Philip, I’d like to use this in class – could you provide a 1-sentence example of how to explain one of the bars? Is this correct for example: “In Philadelphia, around 2010, there were 44 employed unmarried black men for every 100 employed unmarried black women.”


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