Black-White Polls on Race


Photo by Philip Cohen (for my other pictures from the march, see here).

I attended the 50th anniversary March on Washington march the other day. It looked to me like the majority of the crowd was Black, though I haven’t seen any estimates.

Here are a few recent polls on race relations and inequality, timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

la-times-race-pollSource: Pew Research Center in LA Times.


Source: Quinnipiac University Poll of 1,589 Virginian adults, August 14-19.


Source: Gallup poll, June 13-July 5.


Source: General Social Survey (RACDIF1).


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9 responses to “Black-White Polls on Race

  1. What does “fairness when voting in elections” mean to black people?

    The Black Victimhood movement has been a great impediment to the evolution to a colorblind society.

    I’m going to bet that the 55% of whites who say that discrimination is not the reason blacks have worse jobs, income and housing is because they (the whites) agree with Don “No Talking Points” Lemon.


  2. krippendorf

    White Privilege has been a great impediment to the evolution of a colorblind society.


    • Is White Privilege eliminated by creating a multicultural society (where whites are resentful of black/hispanic government benefits), or an assimilated society where sociologically the only difference between peoples is the color of their skin?


  3. Gina

    I find it intriguing that the charts speak more to how the system has continued to benefit white privilege than to the supposed progress of minorities. It really shows how much whites don’t actually have to think about themselves in terms of their race, unlike non-whites who generally do, in addition to “the content of their character.”


    • It really shows how much whites don’t actually have to think about themselves in terms of their race

      How is this different from every other racially distinct society? I’d certainly notice my skin color were I in non-touristy regions of much of the non-European world.


      • Gina

        You’re correct. It isn’t. But I was only speaking from my own experiences of living in the U.S. after almost 20 years of living in a country that lacked racial diversity, and what I’ve read about race relations in the U.S.


      • But I was only speaking from my own experiences


        It’s so easy for people to fall into the trap of thinking that America is so horrible because we don’t live up to our ideals.


      • John Kelly

        The difference, Mr. ronJohn63 is that you would still be a “tourist” in those non-white “non-touristy” regions of the non-European world. That is to say, that you would not *have* to consider your skin color to be anything but an advantage, since you would also be a monied and valued guest there. You only need to travel to places like India, Nepal and Tibet for proof of your instant celebrity as the newest white guest. Further, you don’t actually LIVE there, anyway (am I presuming too much?) Assimilation , as you call it, would require that whites make an attempt to value their non-white peers as much as their white ones in order to be truly fair in accessibility of social capital. Otherwise– you have proven that we haven’t come even close to going beyond judging people by the “color of their skin.”


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