Data snapshot: Married before

Among newlyweds in the United States, 30% have been married before. Here’s the breakdown by state (click to enlarge):



Here’s a list of states and DC, from highest to lowest percent married before:


And here is the Google search most highly correlated with this pattern: Kerrelyn Sparks (correlation = .83):


The top 100 correlated searches is shot through with romance and fantasy novels: Lynsay Sands, romance series, Sherrilyn Kenyon, vampire book, fever series, Jeaniene Frost.

Coming soon: Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire (and your next marriage?):


4 thoughts on “Data snapshot: Married before

  1. Interesting stuff! I don’t suppose the ACS includes data on the percentage of newlyweds who have been married at least twice before. I know that roughly 5% of ever married adults in the U,S, has married 3 times or more, according to the ACS, with Arkansas and Oklahoma at the top of the state list. And I know from marriage records in greater St Louis (the city and county), where I’m doing research, roughly 7% of newlyweds are in a third or higher-order marriage. I was wondering about the national level if you happen to know. Thanks.


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