Women in parliaments, by income

Say what you want about the United States of America, but we don’t have the world’s lowest percentage of women in the national legislature.

Here are the countries with at least 5 million people in 2013, arrayed by income and percentage of women in parliament (click to enlarge)*:


Source: My figure form http://wdi.worldbank.org

On the plus side, the USA leads the world in per capita income among countries with fewer than 19 percent women in its national legislature (except for the United Arab Emirates.)

* Note: Rwanda, with per-capita income of $1,430, has 64% women in parliament, but I didn’t include it because expanding the scale that far shrank the rest of the graph too much. Also note Canada is accidentally mislabeled as Cameroon.

3 thoughts on “Women in parliaments, by income

  1. At first I didn’t get your “plus side”, but of course there is good evidence that gender equality does promote economic growth, so it’s true, the US is doing really well economically considering how backward we are on political gender equality. A little subtle though, or maybe I’m just a little slow at this hour… And “on the minus side”?

    Another interesting (to me, I don’t follow this macro political gender equality literature very closely) facet of the graph is the reasonably close positive correlation for nations with 20k+ per capita income and almost no relationship for those under 20k. What’s going on there?

    Somebody should track this over time with country fixed effects. Any graduate students out there?

    ps. I think CA on the graph got mislabeled as Cameroon instead of Canada.


    1. The minus side is the not-subtle low representation of women given our high income… Thanks for noticing Cameroon – an Excel sorting error by me, it looks like. Yikes! Will have to check others.

      I have no hypothesis about the relationship between the two variables. I just arrayed them by income as a display device.


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