Family Inequality weekly link roundup

Maybe you’re trying not to spend so much time on Twitter (or don’t use it), but why miss the things I share during the week? Here are some highlights:

Discrimination against Queer Women in the U.S. Workforce: A Résumé Audit Study, by Emma Mishel

Preregistration Challenge at the Center for Open Science

The Great Chocolate-Milk Concussion Scandal: How the University of Maryland got embroiled in a junk-science saga, Jesse Singal

Black Women Don’t Reap the Same Health Benefits from Delaying Motherhood as Whites (Elissa Straus in Slate covers my new paper)

A drone protester heads to jail, while Oregon protesters literally use heavy machinery to destroy Federal property

Nancy Folbre‘s tribute to the late Barbara Bergmann

Andrew Perrin reviews Aldon Morris on DuBois

Jay Livingston on Ted Cruz and “New York values”

How to bridge that stubborn pay gap, in NYTimes Upshot

The common-law marriage myth, in the Economist 

3 Lingering Questions From the Alice Goffman Controversy, by Jesse Singal

Dynamics of perceived social network support for same-sex versus mixed-sex relationships, by Diane Holmberg and Karen Blair

In D.C., Nearly Half Of Homeless Youth Identify As LGBTQ, Survey Finds, by Armando Trull

Hard Work and Marriage Aren’t the Magic Cure-Alls for Poverty Jeb Bush Is Hoping For, by Ally Boghun at RH Reality Check


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