Racist pile on, Storified

I made a Storify story out of a Twitter conversation I had with a bunch of racist Trump supporters yesterday. Here it is: Racist pile on. I can’t embed it here, probably just as well because a lot of readers probably don’t want to read Nazi propaganda, racial slurs, and gas chamber references.

This was the only thing they gave me that I actually laughed at.


It sums up the power theory of racism nicely. But you have to stop to think about it. That’s not really how it happens, two innocent kids saying the same thing. In real life it’s more like Black Lives Matter saying “We like to be Black, and I don’t want our people to be killed for it,” and a mob of DavidDuke/Trump supporters burning a cross and yelling back at them, “White power!”

But anyway, interested to hear what you think if you go read the Storify thing.


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7 responses to “Racist pile on, Storified

  1. I think the impulse to engage these people is sound. Not that everyone has time and energy for that. Nor should anyone have to put up with these people scream vetoing their Twitter feeds with spam and harassment.


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  3. Next question will be whether they try to bomb this blog. I assume you have comment moderation turned on. These folks really do terrorize some people in the sense of making it impossible for them to do anything on line and, in cases, tracking down personal information and harassing & threatening them at home.

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    • Police need to start charging people who make physical threats online with assault. It’ll change the center of gravity when media start revealing who some of these threat issuers are. My sense is that most of these threats are laughably incredible.


  4. Chris Wienke

    Perhaps the most underreported story of this election cycle is the unprecedented level of participation among white nationalists in major party presidential politics. My colleagues who study organize hate groups note that white nationalists are supporting Trump in ways not seen for another major party candidate in modern political history, if ever. The most recent example is George Wallace, and he was a third party candidate when he ran in 1968.


  5. You don’t really get it. You went into bunch of alt-righters, who use the most offensive slurs they can think of, including holocaust references, to show that “you won’t shame us into obedience, that won’t work this time”. Well, of course many are anti-semites (from my experience, even up to one quarter are anti-semites and even neonazis), but for example VoxDay is not anti-semite, he is just not quite a nice person (to put it lightly) and he enjoys hurting feelings of people like you.

    In other words, they don’t care about “racism” and “anti-semitism”, because they feel racism and anti-semitism were used by the left as the weapons to silence the opposition. That’s why they use “cuckservatives” to denote conservatives who react to “racism” accusations by nervous searching for black conservatives and screaming “we are not racist! see? we have black speaker!”. Or, they feel, as in this meme…


    I think this is the future, initially just in America, but Europe will follow. Just like excommunicatio stopped to be an effective weapon in political fight because it was used too often, it’s the same with “racism” – if a guy can be called awful racist just because he says “witcher” computer game do not have to have a token black character, then the word loses the meaning, especially when a lot of people argue with straight faces that only whites can be racist. The debate in America will stop, polarisation will grow, moderates will hide.

    Try to read some neo-reaction blogs and alt-righters and you will see what I mean.

    For starters, your description of BLM vs Trump supporter is a sign of total lack of understanding and even wish to understand a “trumpist” point of view. If you will read the trumpist supporters blogs, you will see they see their position rather as “we want to be proud of being white and not lose jobs/be chased from conferences because of it” vs “we want to be black and get more privileges”. I do not support it (nor not support, I don’t realy care, I am no American, for me america’s politics is just reality show, plus what happens in USA sooner or later is mimicked back here), but I think I understand both your and their position better (which is, BTW, perfectly fitting the research – all the experiments show that conservatives know liberal positions better than the opposite – liberals just know the caricatures of conservative positions)


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