Sex segregation propositions in 140 characters

In response to an annoying conversation on Twitter about this short paper, which felt very familiar, here is an argument about the sex segregation of work, in the form of unsourced propositions of 140 characters or less. You can find most of these in longer form in various posts under the segregation tag. It’s tweetstorm, in one post!

Many studies show men and women have mean differences in personality and preferences, although there is overlap in the distributions; but

Every respondent in any such study was born and raised in a male-dominated society, because all societies are male dominated.

Most people in the debates I see, being elites, act like everyone is a college graduate who chose their job, or “field” of work; but

We know lots of people are in jobs they didn’t freely choose or didn’t get promoted out of, for reasons related to gender (like pregnancy).

No one knows how much segregation results from differences in choices of workers vs. parent/employer/educator pressure or constraints; and

The level of sex segregation varies across social contexts (across space and time), which means it is not all caused by biology; and

Because segregation causes inequality and constrains human freedom, and we have the means to reduce it, the biology theory is harmful; so

Go ahead and study the biology of sex differences, because society is interesting, but don’t use that as an excuse for inequality.

One thought on “Sex segregation propositions in 140 characters

  1. Hey, but IF there are biological factors behind the job segregation and yet someone would force desegregation, then it would surely have harmful effects. Morever, IF there are biological factors, THEN surely constraints on human freedom and inequalities would be created by biology, not by the theory/so theory is not harmful.

    Also, IF there are biological factors, there is nothing which would force us ato assume those are the same in every human population (after all, there are other biological features which are different between human populations, and at least those not related to mind are not contested and not considered controversial). Which means that difference in sex job segregation between different population does not mean the differences are not caused by biological factors. Another thing that society can push also women and men into desegregation even when there would be biological factors present; I mean societal pressures are not uni-directional.


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