How about using half the Bezos fortune to stop US child poverty for one year?


With everyone arguing about how much money MacKenzie Bezos should get in her divorce from Jeff Bezos, CNN asked me to write an op-ed. In it I argued that they are too rich and we could make divorce easier for everyone if we taxed away more of their money. I wrote:

There is a serious fairness issue here, but it doesn’t have to do with whether MacKenzie ends up with $1 billion or $68 billion. It’s that too many people can’t realistically exercise the same individual freedom that the Bezoses have — to choose to leave a failing or abusive marriage without facing crushing economic stress or hardship.

I called it, “There is a fairness issue with in the Bezos divorce (and it’s not about how much money MacKenzie Bezos will end up with),” which they changed to “The divorce issue that Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos don’t have to worry about.”

I agreed not to post the full text here. You can read it at CNN.

3 thoughts on “How about using half the Bezos fortune to stop US child poverty for one year?

  1. Im definitely your ideological opposite, but I agree that there is no reason for people to be this rich. If I was writing tax policy, Bezos would be driving Uber to make ends meat. Im all for a huge tax on income and wealth over a certain level.


  2. Re: CNN article. “…the price Jeff is about to pay”. Right up there with “she took him to the cleaners”. An outdated concept that needs to go away. Their money is being divided in half according to state law, so you could have instead said the price MacKenzie is about to pay.


    1. I dunno…I mean, he’s the entrepreneur that earned the money (while destroying many, many other businesses — this is not a success story without suffering). It seems like a stretch to me to say that she’s paying him. She has a right to the money, it’s already hers, obviously they’re just dividing it…but if anyone’s “paying, ” then I think it’s Jeff.

      If you think about it, it’s pretty extraordinary that the spouse of a person who made that much money still walks away with half of it when things don’t work out…MacKenzie is in a position to do something about world poverty, because of who she married, back in the day.

      Or does she work for Amazon, too?


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