Families, inequality, and sociology in pandemic times (video)

This fall I will be recording video lectures for students in my undergrad class. I’m thinking about the technical aspects, but also the voice and posture. Sitting at my desk at home is quite different from my lecture hall (I usually get a few thousand steps during an hour class). We’ll have to see how it goes.

In June I had a chance to do a one-hour consulting with a “major corporation” to talk about what’s happening in the world, which I recorded and rewrote into this post. I just did another one on the subject of modern families and inequality. This one was like an interview, where I answered questions. I transcribed some of my answers, and then edited that text, figuring it might give me a nice blend of formal and conversational voice, which might work in a video.

After recording the video, I went back and added in some graphics using Photoshop as my video editor (did you know we can get Photoshop as part of our university site license?). A much quicker and easier way, which I assume I’ll be reduced to in the fall, is just to record the lecture live using Zoom or some other PowerPoint screen recorder. Anyway, here is the result, in 12 minutes.

Note: The video includes an update to data from this post on weddings in Florida, and this report on the impact of the epidemic on reproductive health experiences, from Laura Lindberg and colleagues at Guttmacher.

3 thoughts on “Families, inequality, and sociology in pandemic times (video)

  1. Thank you for your video! I very much appreciated the content. I “accidentally” stumbled across your blog while creating my own and was ecstatic to see the author of my course textbook that I use to teach my Families in Society course had his own blog. Your textbook is one of my favorites and my students really enjoy it! Much like yourself I will be teaching my students online this fall but I really miss my face to face classes, as we have A LOT of great discussions….in this class in particular. And society has given us so much more content!

    I wish a wonderful semester!


  2. Hi Philip, thank you for putting this video together. I think that we have this idealized view that we are ‘all on this together’ when in reality we are battling the same storm but we are in different boats based on the existing inequality before the pandemic. Structural inequality was there before, the gig economy (Uber, Lyft, upwork) were temporarily masking the deterioration of the system. It is not surprising that millennials are not getting married anymore, they have so much debt that they can’t even dream of owning a house or settling down. Sadly, the advent of social media is also making social connections even weaker and superficial. 😦 I am curious to hear your thoughts about what we could do as a society (changes in economic entitlements and social policy) to make our socioeconomic system more stable despite pandemics and climate change. 🙂 If interested I also publish another blog. http://www.forwardeconomics.net

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