What your stock photo family says about your tired, regressive ideology

That’s the question for the “Institute” for “Family” “Studies” and The “Ethics” and Public Policy “Center,” regarding their new report, and the accompanying NY Times op-ed promo piece. The Times‘s op-ed illustrator had the good sense at least to make their Leave It to Beaver graphic tongue-in-cheek:

In contrast, the report itself featured an extremely unironic family stock photo on their table of contents:

When you choose a popular stock photo, it provides a window into your propagandist soul. I leave it to the reader to read that signal, based on how else this photo has been used.

First, a note, the photo is from a big photo shoot with dozens of pictures of the same actors, but this one is the one that went viral, so to speak. Here’s another from the set, oddly for sale as a poster somewhere:

(I’m glad they specified the Caucasian ancestry of the family, because there does appear to be a little confusion about that.)

Other uses:

Spycam, immigration visa services (UK), ECG tablet, Indian housing development:

Picture frame sales, ear wax removal system, home mortgages, and random security product.

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