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My rejection of the National Marriage Project’s “Before ‘I Do'”

If they had asked me to review the new research report from the National Marriage Project, this is what I would have said. Continue reading


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If the National Marriage Project told you it was going to rain, would you bring an umbrella?

In other news, the Heritage Foundation reported the unemployment rate. Continue reading


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Distorting data on divorce at the National Marriage Project

This has really gone too far. The National Marriage Project, under the directorship of W. Bradford Wilcox, a tenured sociologist at the U. Virginia, is telling some tall tales, courtesy of a grant from the Templeton Foundation‘s “Foundations of Marital … Continue reading


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The failure of the success sequence

Generations of applying the “three somethings” formula to a basic idea: the problem with poor people is that they’re doing life wrong. Continue reading


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Book review: One Marriage Under God

The following are notes for my remarks at an author-meets-critics session at the Social Science History Association yesterday in Baltimore. The book is One Marriage Under God: The Campaign to Promote Marriage in America, by Melanie Heath.    The book … Continue reading


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Doing math one-handed? Inequality and the marriage problem (#asa14)

I’m at the American Sociological Association meetings in San Francisco, on my way over to present the following slides at a session on “Closing the Economic Marriage Gap: The Policy Debate.” Looks like a great session, organized by Melanie Heath, … Continue reading


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It’s modernity, stupid (Book review of The Sacred Project of American Sociology, by Christian Smith)

Like a vaccine-denying Mr. Banks from Mary Poppins? Chris Smith is outraged and befuddled by the state of academic sociology. Continue reading


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Final proof there is no human tragedy Brad Wilcox will not exploit in order to promote marriage

I have to give credit to the overreaching headline writer for accurately capturing the basic message: Shame on you. Continue reading


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Quote that sociologist, 124 in the Times edition

How many sociology professors do you have to quote to prove they are instinctively dismissed? Continue reading


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Does happy marriage cause happy marriage?

I don’t know how I missed this one, from two Valentine’s Days ago… For an introductory methods course discussion on: when does something cause something else. Question: Are happier couples happier? Some writers think so: Washington Post: The Groupon effect: Can date-night … Continue reading


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