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Herculean dimorphism

Disney’s Hercules has man:woman measurements greater than any normal human pair — and greater than ancient depictions, too. Continue reading


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Movie dimorphism update: How to Train Your Dragon 2 edition

Stoick the Vast has much bigger hands than Valka. Continue reading


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Disney’s dimorphism, ‘Help! My eyeball is bigger than my wrist!’ edition

The evidence is mounting that Disney likes small-handed-women-large-handed-men couples. Continue reading


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Tangled up in Disney’s dimorphism

How Disney’s dimorphic distortion makes a human couple fantastically patriarchal. Continue reading


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Delusions of dimorphism

Are 1-day-olds who stare at a mobile for 52 seconds more likely to be engineers when they grow up than those who only stare for 41 seconds? Continue reading


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Family syllabus supplements for Spring 2017

People using my book for in their classes get excellent teaching materials from Norton to use. They also have a Facebook group for sharing ideas and materials (instructors visit here). For extra support, and to maximize timeliness, I also regularly … Continue reading

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My, what dimorphic parents you have!

His big toe has the same diameter as her wrist. His unflexed bicep is wider than her waist. Continue reading


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Year-end report

Reader growth remains robust. Here’s the annual report. Continue reading

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Color and the making of gender in early childhood

Maybe gender differences in color preference are just an anchor for children’s gender identity performance. Continue reading


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Off gender-script art

Fortunately, the hotel we’re stranded at is only a few blocks from the Art Institute of Chicago. Tooling around the museum I was still thinking about sex dimorphism, especially this piece in Time where I referenced ancient art and this … Continue reading


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