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Tone policing: Am I allowed to put Regnerus, Wilcox, and Hitler in the same headline?

It would be unseemly of me to argue with a two-page book review instead of letting my life’s work stand on its own, so here goes. Continue reading


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Wilcox plagiarism denial and ethics review

The only argument he makes is to underline the word “not.” So do you trust him? Continue reading

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Wilcox and colleagues plagiarized my work in the New York Times

You could split hairs, but why? Continue reading


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The new Wilcox thing is complete bologna and/or just dishonest

Brad Wilcox concludes we need marriage promotion to improve school outcomes. Surprise. Continue reading


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Groups of people with more income are richer, Wilcox credulity edition

I’m having a hard time believing the latest Brad Wilcox marriage-promotion fake research event is as dumb as I think it is, but I think it really is. I don’t use such a judgmental word lightly, but rather with a … Continue reading


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Upshot sells Wilcox, but I’m not buying

If you know the race/ethnicity and education of a child’s parents, further knowing the state they live in gives you virtually no better chance of predicting whether their parents are married. Continue reading


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Final proof there is no human tragedy Brad Wilcox will not exploit in order to promote marriage

I have to give credit to the overreaching headline writer for accurately capturing the basic message: Shame on you. Continue reading


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How to illustrate a .61 relationship with a .93 figure: Chetty and Wilcox edition

How Chetty et al. — and Brad Wilcox — illustrated a .61 relationship with a .93 figure. Continue reading


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Brad Wilcox tries to save saving marriage for the marriage movement

A guest post by Kristi Williams addresses marriage-promotion misinformation. Continue reading


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Baloney data detective: Wilcox school shooters edition

9 school shootings, one crackpot theory, and religion dodges the bullet. Continue reading


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