A collection of teaching links and resources from the blog and my courses.

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Video lectures

As people (including me) take teaching online, I have recorded some lectures:

The Story Behind the Numbers

The wonderful animators at Kiss Me I’m Polish, who did the design and graphics for my book The Family, have also produced a series of short videos based on infographics from the text, under the title The Story Behind the Numbers. These are less than 2 minutes long and use just a few numbers, intended to spur reflection and discussion in conjunction with the details in the book — and I got to be the narrator:

Good teaching pieces

  • For years I’ve assembled blog posts to according to teaching topics. Now I have a book of essays — updated, improved, consolidated — that does a lot of that for you. It’s Enduring Bonds: Inequality, Marriage, Parenting, and Everything Else that Makes Families Great and Terrible (from University of California Press, or Amazon). The first chapter, on modernity and parenting, is up as a sample.
  • But here is a new collection of blog posts good for teaching, anyway. These are organized according to the structure of The Family.
  • Browse the older ones if you want more or don’t see what you like: Fall 2017Spring 2017, Spring 2015, Fall 2014, Winter 2013


Research methods

Graphics and statistics



If you are an instructor who is using or considering The Family, I invite you to join this Facebook group for a teaching discussion.

6 responses to “Teaching

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  3. Megan McDrew

    Hello! I am using your book in two of my community college marriage and family classes. Do you have a sample syllabus for your book at the community college level? Also I would love ideas for activities on the first few days of class while students buy the book. Thanks!


    • I hope you are logged in as an instructor on the Norton site, here: http://books.wwnorton.com/books/webad.aspx?id=4294986077. If you need to get access, you can contact your Norton representative there (or email me). I don’t have a community college syllabus, but the Norton folks might have one. Also, there is a DVD with short videos that you might be able to use to get discussion going before they have started reading. Or you could pick a short blog post and use that to get started (see the links above). Folks in the Facebook group also might have some ideas. Good luck with the course – I hope you’ll stay in touch.


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