The Story Behind the Numbers

The wonderful animators at Kiss Me I’m Polish, who did the design and graphics for my book The Family, have also produced a series of short videos based on infographics from the text, under the title The Story Behind the Numbers. These are less than 2 minutes long and use just a few numbers, intended to spur reflection and discussion in conjunction with the details in the book — and I got to be the narrator:


  • A Changing Law feature (PDF), updating the book after the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision affirming marriage equality in June 2015.

Instructional video

  • I experimented with a how-to video explaining the total fertility rate, and showing how you can calculate it yourself using free Census data: It’s 9 minutes on Youtube (captioned)

Good teaching pieces, by topic


Research methods

Graphics and statistics



If you are an instructor who is using or considering The Family, I invite you to join this Facebook group for a teaching discussion.

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