Black-White employment gap update II

The data for April show that Black women’s employment disadvantage compared with White women widened slightly, to 1%. Before the recession started, Black women were employed at higher rates, by about 1.0-1.5%.

These figures are seasonally adjusted, for women ages 20+. The gist of it is that the down year of 2009 was significantly worse for Black women’s employment rates, as we knew, and the gap has now persisted through four months of 2010. It represents part of a 25-year-pattern of widening Black-White inequality for women.

Making matters worse, practically, unemployment has been highest for unmarried women. And welfare hasn’t kept up with the expanding needs of poor women with children.

In some areas the race-ethnic gaps are especially dramatic. For example, in Washington, D.C., Black women are unemployed at a rate more than 3-times White women.

That is from a report by the Women’s Economic Security Campaign, which includes specific policy suggestions regarding job training, education, and welfare. If the U.S. won’t take the steps necessary to redress these race-ethnic disparities, maybe the U.N. will.

5 thoughts on “Black-White employment gap update II

  1. US government has to take step to resolve the problem of Employment with Black and white women. If both of them get Good education, Sound skills then why white women get preference than black women.In Some cases I ‘ve also seen that black women is more talented than white one but white one get the job. That’s a major issue in US and i think govt. has to involve in this to solve that issue.


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