Black men raping White women: BJS’s Table 42 problem

I’ve been putting off writing this post because I wanted to do more justice both to the history of the Black-men-raping-White-women charge and the survey methods questions. Instead I’m just going to lay this here and hope it helps someone who is more engaged than I am at the moment. I’m sorry this post isn’t higher quality.

Obviously, this post includes extremely racist and misogynist content, which I am showing you to explain why it’s bad.

This is about this very racist meme, which is extremely popular among extreme racists.


The modern racist uses statistics, data, and even math. They use citations. And I think it takes actually engaging with this stuff to stop it (this is untested, though, as I have no real evidence that facts help). That means anti-racists need to learn some demography and survey methods, and practice them in public. I was prompted to finally write on this by a David Duke video streamed on Facebook, in which he used exaggerated versions of these numbers, and the good Samaritans arguing with him did not really know how to respond.

For completely inadequate context: For a very long time, Black men raping White women has been White supremacists’ single favorite thing. This was the most common justification for lynching, and for many of the legal executions of Black men throughout the 20th century. From 1930 to 1994 there were 455 people executed for rape in the U.S., and 89% of them were Black (from the 1996 Statistical Abstract):


For some people, this is all they need to know about how bad the problem of Blacks raping Whites is. For better informed people, it’s the basis for a great lesson in how the actions of the justice system are not good measures of the crimes it’s supposed to address.

Good data gone wrong

Which is one reason the government collects the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), a large sample survey of about 90,000 households with 160,000 people. In it they ask about crimes against the people surveyed, and the answers the survey yields are usually pretty different from what’s in the crime report statistics – and even further from the statistics on things like convictions and incarceration. It’s supposed to be a survey of crime as experienced, not as reported or punished.

It’s an important survey that yields a lot of good information. But in this case the Bureau of Justice Statistics is doing a serious disservice in the way they are reporting the results, and they should do something about it. I hope they will consider it.

Like many surveys, the NCVS is weighted to produce estimates that are supposed to reflect the general population. In a nutshell, that means, for example, that they treat each of the 158,000 people (over age 12) covered in 2014 as about 1,700 people. So if one person said, “I was raped,” they would say, “1700 people in the US say they were raped.” This is how sampling works. In fact, they tweak it much more than that, to make the numbers add up according to population distributions of variables like age, sex, race, and region – and non-response, so that if a certain group (say Black women) has a low response rate, their responses get goosed even more. This is reasonable and good, but it requires care in reporting to the general public.

So, how is the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ (BJS) reporting method contributing to the racist meme above? The racists love to cite Table 42 of this report, which last came out for the 2008 survey. This is the source for David Duke’s rant, and the many, many memes about this. The results of Google image search gives you a sense of how many websites are distributing this:


Here is Table 42, with my explanation below:


What this shows is that, based on their sample, BJS extrapolates an estimate of 117,640 White women who say they were sexually assaulted, or threatened with sexual assault, in 2008 (in the red box). Of those, 16.4% described their assailant as Black (the blue highlight). That works out to 19,293 White women sexually assaulted or threatened by Black men in one year – White supremacists do math. In the 2005 version of the table these numbers were 111,490 and 33.6%, for 37,460 White women sexually assaulted or threatened by Black men, or:


Now, go back to the structure of the survey. If each respondent in the survey counts for about 1,700 people, then the survey in 2008 would have found 69 White women who were sexually assaulted or threatened, 11 of whom said their assailant was Black (117,640/1,700). Actually, though, we know it was less than 11, because the asterisk on the table takes you to the footnote below which says it was based on 10 or fewer sample cases. In comparison, the survey may have found 27 Black women who said they were sexually assaulted or threatened (46,580/1,700), none of whom said their attacker was White, which is why the second blue box shows 0.0. However, it actually looks like the weights are bigger for Black women, because the figure for the percentage assaulted or threatened by Black attackers, 74.8%, has the asterisk that indicates 10 or fewer cases. If there were 27 Black women in this category, then 74.8% of them would be 20. So this whole Black women victim sample might be as little as 13, with bigger weights applied (because, say, Black women had a lower response rate). If in fact Black women are just as likely to be attacked or assaulted by White men as the reverse, 16%, you might only expect 2 of those 13 to be White, and so finding a sample 0 is not very surprising. The actual weighting scheme is clearly much more complicated, and I don’t know the unweighted counts, as they are not reported here (and I didn’t analyze the individual-level data).

I can’t believe we’re talking about this. The most important bottom line is that the BJS should not report extrapolations to the whole population from samples this small. These population numbers should not be on this table. At best these numbers are estimated with very large standard errors. (Using a standard confident interval calculator, that 16% of White women, based on a sample of 69, yields a confidence interval of +/- 9%.) It’s irresponsible, and it’s inadvertently (I assume) feeding White supremacist propaganda.

Rape and sexual assault are very disturbingly common, although not as common as they were a few decades ago, by conventional measures. But it’s a big country, and I don’t doubt lots of Black men sexual assault or threaten White women, and that White men sexually assault or threaten Black women a lot, too – certainly more than never. If we knew the true numbers, they would be bad. But we don’t.

A couple more issues to consider. Most sexual assault happens within relationships, and Black women have interracial relationships at very low rates. In round numbers (based on marriages), 2% of White women are with Black men, and 5% of Black women are with White men, which – because of population sizes – means there are more than twice as many couples with Black-man/White-woman than the reverse. At very small sample sizes, this matters a lot. But we would expect there to be more Black-White rape than the reverse based on this pattern alone. Consider further that the NCVS is a household sample, which means that if any Black women are sexually assaulted by White men in prison, it wouldn’t be included. Based on a 2011-2012 survey of prison and jail inmates, 3,500 women per year are the victim of staff sexual misconduct, and Black women inmates were about 50% more likely to report this than White women. So I’m guessing the true number of Black women sexually assaulted by White men is somewhat greater than zero, and that’s just in prisons and jails.

The BJS seems to have stopped releasing this form of the report, with Table 42, maybe because of this kind of problem, which would be great. In that case they just need to put out a statement clarifying and correcting the old reports – which they should still do, because they are out there. (The more recent reports are skimpier, and don’t get into this much detail [e.g., 2014] – and their custom table tool doesn’t allow you to specify the perceived race of the offender).

So, next time you’re arguing with David Duke, the simplest response to this is that the numbers he’s talking about are based on very small samples, and the asterisk means he shouldn’t use the number. The racists won’t take your advice, but it’s good for everyone else to know.

23 thoughts on “Black men raping White women: BJS’s Table 42 problem

  1. I appreciate that you’re one of the few liberal bloggers willing to discuss on the level of facts, even if it’s mixed up with a lot of time spent calling your opponents names.

    But this isn’t a conclusive counterargument. Stats being sparse does not mean that the allegation is false. And by the end of the post, you’ve retreated to your fact-free stronghold. Instead of saying we should collect better statistics, or trying to find better statistics yourself, you tell the department to censor what little factual information they have.

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    1. “A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep or taste not the Pierian Spring.”

      If you have data so limited that it probably isn’t representative, the last thing you should do is release it as “the best we’ve got”. If you’re trying to find, say, average height, and you only manage to measure Warwick Davies and Peter Dinklage, you don’t try to base anything on it just because you don’t have any better information available.

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    2. He restricts his facts, though. Racists don’t depend only on the NCVS. There are other sources of federal crime statistics, and one of them is the FBI’s Uniform Crime reports. The arrest data don’t suffer from the small sample size problems that the Table 42 in the NCVS does, yet it leads to the same conclusion that blacks are much more likely than whites to commit rape. The black-to-white per capita rate ratio for the perpetration of forcible rape was 6.227 in the United States in 1995, according to the FBI’s arrest data.

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        1. Your judgment here is incredibly poor, Philip. The police reports are much more reliable than any source that has too low of a sample size to be reliable. That means as long as the cops aren’t arresting people for rape with even imperfect accuracy (i.e., a minority among those charged with the crime are innocent), the arrest data in the FBI’s UCR are better guides than the NCVS summary data are.

          And a greater rate of criminality among blacks a longitudinal phenomenon: it occurs for most crimes. Nearly all of them, really, with a few exceptions such as driving under the influence (of alcohol) and for the abuse of a specific drug (methamphetamine). Leftists, such as yourself, have advanced the idea that whites have higher per capita rates for certain other crimes, such as child sexual molestation, that have turned out to be false when racists, such as myself, have made a close examination of the facts.

          You haven’t rebutted the racists, Philip. They’re usually right, or nearly so, when they speak of races as though they were forests rather than putting emphasis on some of the less typical trees that you might be able to find. One of your other commenters pointed out that you have, with regard to what the NCVS says about interracial rape, confused the absence of sufficient data to prove a point with a disproof of that point. No one in your position should make an error so simple as that. And likely none would, except in order to promote an idea as propaganda. The idea that you appear to be promoting is that racists don’t know what they’re talking about.

          On the contrary, it appears that they know this subject better than you do.

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          1. The pattern is always the same.
            Racist: look at this [wrong or misinterpreted fact] that confirms our view!
            Reasonable person: that fact is wrong or misinterpreted.
            Racists: you didn’t disprove it, so our preconception is right!

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  2. These are all valid points. There seems to be a lot of noise, and the racist memes are so simplistic as to be wrong (as are many political memes).

    But what happens if you look at multiple years? Across multiple types of crime? Do you find similar patterns? I supsect if you redo the analysis more correctly, the progressives aren’t going to be very happy with the results.

    (For example, I looked at table 42 for 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007, and found numbers pretty consistent with the story in 2008. So it doesn’t seem likely that this is just noise.)

    The general progressive approach is just not to think about racial differences in offending at all. These tables don’t seem to be available at all after 2008, so I guess you get your wish.

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  3. Racism has as many faces and forms as religion. Those who want to “excuse” their racism will find a category like ‘rape by one race’, and build it up… and make it look real. Often many in “authority” who want to believe the same thing provide the back up for the primary racists. In the end it all gets so complicated that it’s very difficult for someone to point out falsity & discrepancies in the racist program. Moreover, patriarchy embedded 20,000 names about our species with male-bias, so no matter how you argue, you are being pro-male! (pro white male, that is)


  4. I can tell you that zero number I know to be false and you don’t need to be a statistician to know that. About the prison rape of bw yes, there are bw who get raped by white prison guards I recommend the book imprisonment of black women by Catherine fisher Collins. This “stat” has been floating around for years btw, racist wm seem to really get off on it.

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  5. I’ve never seen so many graphs and charts on a blog–and it’s actually quite refreshing. It’s good to see so much analysis of the misuse of statistics.

    For me, what this post especially reinforces is the spread of misinformation perpetuated by social media–Facebook, in this case.

    As the only blogger I know who uses Digital-Age technology to condemn the Digital Age, such a message truly makes my day.

    To me, the moral of this post is that social media perpetuates far more misinformation than information–and my take, admittedly subjective, just reinforces the message I’ve been trying to get out to my fellow Digital-Age human beings since 2012: to get rid of their cellphones (and just stick with landline phones), and close their social media accounts (and start blogs if they want to get their messages across).


  6. Nowhere do you actually dispute the fact that black men rape white women in disproportionate numbers. The best you can come up with is that it’s just bad numbers. This article from Business Insider basically makes the same claim.

    I personally think it’s fairly obvious that black men rape white women more than white men rape black women, but whatever. That’s not really the point. The point is that in this country, there’s a massive double standard in the way society covers black-on-white-crime versus white-on-black-crime. Mainly, the latter gets a huge amount of attention while the former mostly gets swept under the rug. The most obvious examples are the killings of young black men by white cops. Whether or not they’re actually justified, these killings always make front page news, and sometimes even inspire riots. But switch the races and…nothing. No one cares when a black man kills or rapes a white person.

    [snip — a bunch of examples of Black violence — pnc]

    Nope, not a word! And we can talk all we want about the evils of white men, but not the evils of black men, because that would be racist.

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  7. All of this is just crazy. Angela Y. Davis told us this a LONG time ago in her “myth of the Black rapist.” We do the same in POLICING BLACK BODIES (2018). The ideology of white supremacy is strong; it shows in the number of Black men EXONERATED after 15, 20, 30 years in prison for crimes they did not commit – the dominant one being the rape of a white women. Thanks for posting this.

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  8. Coming back to this blog as we are researching Black male athletes (college & pro) who rape white women and receive little to no consequences. Loads of examples. Yet, Back men who are not athletes get the Emmett Till treatment even if they look at a white women. Preliminary findings are puzzling!


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