The Family Inequality 100

You never know how many people read a blog. WordPress counts direct hits, but doesn’t count readers on all feed readers. However, Google’s blog reader will tell you how many people subscribe to any RSS feed. Not that I check it all the time, but after 8 months of blogging I noticed a Family Inequality milestone: 100.

Here’s how we’re doing on Google compared with some of the big sociology blogs I  follow:

For comparison with actual big-name blogs: Matthew Iglesias has 12,000, and Paul Krugman has 36,000.


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3 responses to “The Family Inequality 100

  1. Karl

    Congrats, Philip! Looking forward to celebrating 1,000 soon.


  2. Alexis

    I think your blog is really high quality! I’m sorry I mess up your numbers by reading it on Google Reader!


  3. You deserve twice as many as SocImages! 🙂


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