Which comes first, getting divorced or Googling “vasectomy reversal”?

Quick follow up to the last post on the new 2011 divorce data.

I just noticed that the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey release included a calculation of the divorce rate, calculated as the number of divorces in the last 12 months per 1,000 people age 15+, with a table listing them by state (Factfinder tables GCT1253 and GCT1254).

They did it for men and women, and the rates are a little different, so I averaged them. Then, the first step in the research process is to run the state rates through Google Correlate

Of the top 100 searches most correlated with divorce rates — that is, searches that are most common where there are more divorces, and least common where there are few divorces — about 99 of them are about guns, military paraphernalia, survivalist stuff, etc.

And then, right between “radio software” and “shotgun pistol” there is “vasectomy reversal.” I am not making this up:

That’s the divorce rate on the left, and the “vasectomy reversal” searches on the right. It’s a correlation of .79 — pretty good.

Here are the other things on the list, all correlated with the divorce rate at between .77 and .84.


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7 responses to “Which comes first, getting divorced or Googling “vasectomy reversal”?

  1. Another oddball is “pagan holidays”.

    Anyway, ISTM that survivalism (and any form of pre-electric lifestyle) is contraindicated to divorce seeing as how it’s so labor intensive.


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  3. Good grief! I can’t believe people can be so obsessed with guns. Rule of law not good enough?


    • “Rule of law not good enough?”

      No, it’s not. Otherwise, even gun-phobics wouldn’t have locks on their doors and alarms on windows & doors plus IR motion detectors all connected to central dispatch.


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