9 responses to “Marriage update: less divorce, and less sex

  1. George M

    It would be interesting to also look at some measure of long-distance relationships and spouses living apart. Maybe more married couples are attempting to have long-distance relationships instead of having one spouse give up their career/social life for the other.


  2. Vijay

    Do you honestly believe that the answers to the divorce question and sexual frequency question have the same margin of error?

    Everyone knows if they are divorced or not. Who is keeping a running count of their weekly sex frequency? What is “sex” defined as? Cudling? to orgasm?


    • Definitely don’t believe they have the same margin of error, although there is error in the divorce measure too (e.g., for some reason women always have higher divorce rates in this survey). I care much more about the trend than the level of the sex frequency variable.


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