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Family Inequality year-end review

It wasn’t just another year. Continue reading

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More bad reporting on texting and driving, and new data

Even though the spike in traffic deaths is concerning, reporting should not be wrong. Continue reading


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Is the New York Times trapped in an economics echo chamber?

Ask a stupid question. When Justin Wolfers wrote about the dominance of economists in the pages of the New York Times, he concluded, “our popularity reflects the discerning tastes of our audience in the marketplace of ideas.” I discussed the evidence … Continue reading


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I overspoke myself on Twitter

Possibly not the only time. A blog called Random Critical Analysis (RCA) has posted, “On Philip Cohen’s knee-jerk response to Chetty’s “causal mobility” data and its association with single-motherhood.” I now must admit that I overspoke myself on Twitter. But … Continue reading


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Conservatives don’t have happier marriages

They really don’t. It’s extreme liberals with the happiest marriages. (Which does not make their ideology superior.) Continue reading


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Upshot sells Wilcox, but I’m not buying

If you know the race/ethnicity and education of a child’s parents, further knowing the state they live in gives you virtually no better chance of predicting whether their parents are married. Continue reading


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Marriage promotion and the myth of teen pregnancy

Falling teen births are simply part of the historical trend on marriage: women’s independence, educational investment, and delayed family formation. Continue reading


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Michigan Black college completion falters (with consequences)

It limits the perspectives presented, undermines progress toward racial-ethnic equality, and contributes to the inertia that stymies the potential of future leaders. Continue reading


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How to illustrate a .61 relationship with a .93 figure: Chetty and Wilcox edition

How Chetty et al. — and Brad Wilcox — illustrated a .61 relationship with a .93 figure. Continue reading


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